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Brystol Stott

Shelbyville, KY

Date: Mar 26, 2015
“Excellent service and Easy in the pockets! Would recommend to everyone!
"Excellent service and Easy in the pockets!"


Shelbyville, KY

Date: Jul 15, 2015
“Thank you to Steve, Marvin, and co.! They did an AWESOME job removing the tree from my roof. Fast, friendly, and excellent clean up at a fair price! I would highly recommend them!
"Jason Underwood-Insurance"
Services Provided
We removed a tree that had fallen on this customer's house. He was very appreciative to our services and we were happy to help him out in a sticky situation.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Shelbyville, KY
When: Nov 18, 2016
Service Category:
Services Performed: Firewood For Sale
Brief Explanation

Have you been wanting to warm up around a fire? Or are you looking for some quality wood to smoke your meat with? Mario's Tree Care has the supply you're looking for!

Call Us For Pricing On Available Ricks of Firewood!

Have a look at one of the tree removal jobs where some of this wood came from.

You won't find a more ample supply of wood to choose from. You also won't find a better price. Ash, Cherry, Oak, and many more. Typically this quantity of wood sells for a much higher ticket price. We're able to supply to our local Shelbyville neighbors for cheaper.

How To Transport The Wood

Depending on how much you purchase, you may need a pickup truck to haul it off. A Rick of wood can typically fit in the back of an average-sized truck.

Don't have a way to haul it off? No problem! We deliver!

We're able to deliver your order of firewood for a low $40 delivery charge. Call today and get your order delivered directly to your home. (Offer valid when you buy two Ricks or more)

***P.S. -Did we mention that our firewood Ricks are larger than normal? If you compare them with another firewood provider, you'll see that Rick VS Rick, ours contain 50% more wood volume. Now THAT'S AN AMAZING DEAL!

***P.P.S -How about we make the deal EVEN BETTER... Buy 2 Ricks and you'll enjoy double the savings! $10 OFF EACH RICK when you buy 2! Call Today.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Shelbyville, KY
When: Apr 22, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Tree Limb Removal, Tree Removal
Brief Explanation

Proper care of your trees is a vital part of house upkeep. Removing dead trees safely and effectively is essential. Likewise, trimming back branches can better protect your yard and minimize work.

Dead Trees Are Dangerous

Dead trees are not just ugly, they can be a serious hazard to your house, car, and yard. Ensuring their safe removal is an essential preventative measure for home security.

In this job, we removed a large, dead tree from our customers yard. It was dangerously close to the owner's house.

The house's view was also blocked by several large tree limbs in the front. This blocked view is an aesthetic problem, as well as a safety problem. Ensuring good vision into and out of your house can provide better security.

Safer, Cleaner, Better Looking

Take a look at another tree care work, where we safely removed the lower limbs, and bettered the view to and from the customer's house.

As an added benefit to the customer, this trimming will also will help the owner in the fall with less leaf maintenance.

The customer was well pleased with the results and told us that he'd keep us in mind for future tree care projects.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Shelbyville, KY
When: Apr 20, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

Here in Kentucky we are prone to getting hit by some heavy storms. The combination of wind and rain can prove to be too much for some trees. When the unexpected occurs, and a tree or tree limb comes down, be sure to call Marios Tree Care.

This customer had a large tree limb come down during a high wind storm in April. Despite falling on an ornate steel fence, the tree limb didn't create too much damage to his property.

Wind Storm Damage

Have a look at another tree limb removal job we took care of.

We promptly responded to this customer's call and request for tree limb removal services. He was pleased that we could come out to his property quickly.

After removing the fallen tree limb, the customer requested that we chop down another tree on his property. His property is beautiful with very nice terrain. With the tree limb removed and the other tree removed, this customer can be certain that he is better prepared for the unpredictable high winds and storms.

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