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Shelbyville, KY
1013 Old Seven Mile Pike

1 Review. Trent Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

Simpsonville, KY

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Tree Removal Simpsonville, KY

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Job Details

Location of Job: Simpsonville, KY
When: Mar 22, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Tree Removal, Stump Removal
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Brief Explanation This customer has a beautiful property with great landscaping and a very nice looking lawn. The one thing that has continually been a problem for him has been his trees. Year after year the trees continued to drop limbs on his yard.

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Not only did the trees drop limbs on his yard. The homeowner also found a lot of tree limbs falling into his pond. His decision was that the trees needed to be removed.

Complete Tree Removal

Once we got a phone call from this customer, we decided on a time to meet. We showed up promptly for our appointment. After discussing what needed to be done and what goals the homeowner had for his property we provided him with a price and agreed on a date to complete the job.

The main tools used in this job were our 16 in chain saw and our 16 inch stump grinder. After cutting down the trees and removing the debris, the remaining stumps were ground down. Grinding the stumps down to at least six inches below the grade is necessary to allow the terrain to return to normal.

As If The Tree Was Never There

A common concern of people is that a stump may grow back. This, although it is a common concern, is very unlikely to occur. By appropriately grinding the stumps down it is nearly guaranteed to never return. Others ask if the roots that grow to either side of the stump should be ground down as well. Grinding the tree roots isn't necessary. The roots will begin to die off as soon as the tree is removed. Eventually, the roots will decay and desintegrate.

With the trees removed and the stumps ground down to an appropriate level, the yard was left to be tended to as if the tree never existed in the first place. With proper care, grass will begin to grow over the site of where the tree and stump stood previously.

Most importantly, the homeowner was pleased with the job. We took care of his tree service needs and did so in a safe and effective manner.

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Simpsonville, KY

Date: Mar 25, 2016
I hired Mario’s Tree service to handle a very challenging job on my farm. They came to my property first for an appraisal and the day they said they would be there to work, they were there and on time. (I know that is expected of anyone would is proving a service to another, but in today’s world is not what usually the case). They completed the job exactly as agreed on time and the price was more than fair for the amount of work they had to do. Their crew was kind and they provided a very safe environment for both my family and their workers. I would recommend Mario’s team to anyone needing a job done right, on time and at a reasonable price.

"Tree Removal From Farm, Simpsonville KY"

Services Provided

Tree Removal, Stump Grinding
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(502) 513-6226
Shelbyville, KY
Client Testimonial
Thank you to Steve, Marvin, and co.! They did an AWESOME job removing the tree from my roof. Fast, friendly, and excellent clean up at a fair price! I would highly recommend them! ~ Jason - Shelbyville, KY


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