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Tree Removal Louisville, KY

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Job Details

Location of Job: Louisville, KY
When: Mar 26, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Tree Removal, Tree Cutting
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Brief Explanation

Safety is the highest priority with Mario's Tree Care. Not only performing our expert tree removal services with the highest attention to safety, but also creating a safe environment around your home or property.

Trees provide beautiful landscaping to a property. They also may pose a significant threat. As trees age and become vulnerable to damage or disease, the higher likelihood there is that they may fall. This likelihood increases during high winds or storms.

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Peace Of Mind With The Dangerous Tree Threat Removed

This customer had a mature tree fall in his backyard. The tree was suspended high in the air by limbs from surrounding trees. It was clear that there was an existing threat on the property. Hundreds of pounds of lumber suspended over 15 feet in the air creates a hazard that must be dealt with.

The front yard also had some mature trees with limbs that were threatening to fall. Ultimately, the homeowner wanted some peace of mind regarding his property.

We were pleased to complete the job without encountering any problems. All of the debris was removed from the property. All small debris was raked up. Everything was chipped on-site for quick removal.

Most importantly, the homeowner was thrilled with the work. The tree threats on the property are eliminated and the property looks great

After Photos

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Shelbyville, KY
Client Testimonial
Thank you to Steve, Marvin, and co.! They did an AWESOME job removing the tree from my roof. Fast, friendly, and excellent clean up at a fair price! I would highly recommend them! ~ Jason - Shelbyville, KY

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Exceptional Service

What do you expect to get when you hire a company to complete a job? Honesty? Precision? Great Price? How about all of the above, and more? That’s what you can expect with Mario’s Tree Care.

We are a small, local business that operates out of Shelbyville, KY. This is our home. Our customers are our neighbors. We work hard to offer the best tree care service available.

Our Promise, Our Guarantee

We know we offer the best service around, at a great value. We want to prove it to you. This is our promise to you… If you get a quote from another company, we’ll price-match WITH A 10% DISCOUNT off of the quote. This assures that you get the best price available, and we get the chance to earn your loyalty as a customer.

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